I am a Seattle-based, technically trained, creative designer and multi-media artist with a background in visual arts, costuming and performance. I graduated from the technical Apparel Design & Development program at Seattle Central in 2019. Current events and ideas of the future drive my concepts and designs. I strongly believe in inclusive sizing, upcycling, taking care of people, and of our planet, and am actively seeking artistic collaborators. Constantly working towards expanding my creative skills. My goal is to find creative partners to work together to grow Bellyflop into a co-op, and to continue pursuing my love for teaching via non-profit work.


My first collection, Second Home, is driven by three concepts of a second home: the workplace; Mars colonization; and upcycled fabrics. These concepts can be seen in the silhouettes, original prints, and reused fabrics in the line. The fabrics I reclaimed for these looks include hand-bleached denim jeans, bedsheets, and the backside of a giant advertising billboard previously seen on a highway. I orchestrated a concept-driven photoshoot where I re-imagined a future we are headed towards.

Starring: Christy (DoNormaal), Jasper (@seasonexcuses), & Sérgio (@thin_duck)

Photography: Heather Reece (Her Imagery)

All garments (& most jewelry) designed / manufactured / styled: Cole Vargas (Bellyflop)

Art Direction / Concept / Location Sourcing: Cole Pillitu (Bellyflop)

Styling Assist: Andru (@glitterstreet)

Set Assist: Dylan (@dylan.arlick)

Special thanks to Living Computers: Museum & Labs for allowing us to shoot in their space.

Navigate to my most recent project: HYPERDISC. 

Starring: Shyloh (@crystalgem_)

All garments designed / manufactured / styled: Cole Vargas (Bellyflop)

Art direction: Cole Vargas (Bellyflop) & R.B. Yates (@rbyates_)

Photography / 3D staging / layouts: R.B. Yates (@rbyates_)

Hair & MUA: Bek Harvey (@bek.harvey)

Set Assist: Dylan Arlick (@dylan.arlick)

Dog: Rupert


Since the pandemic began, I have pivoted to making and donating face masks. Check out the one-of-a-kind airbrushed masks at MASK PARADE at Museum of Museums, a fundraiser for Coyote Central to raise funds for accessible art classes for youth in Seattle, WA.

I love nothing more than working with people on creative projects. If you would like to collaborate please contact me using the form below! I am also looking for paid work I can do from home, as I am immuno-compromised and still on a doctor-mandated quarantine. If you would like to hire my services or commission a piece, I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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